Augmented Reality Talking Head v2

This is the second demonstration of the augmented reality talking head and we now have eyes that move to look at the marker and we also have blinking.

Some hurdles that have been overcome are:

1. The head does not jitter so much – initially the head was set at 200px in front of its origin. The further from the origin you get the more things tend to jitter. So this has been corrected.

2. Lip-synch is improved by removing the timer and putting everything into the enterframe_handler. Running a timer in parallel to your enter frame loop degrades the performance.

3. Framerate has been improved in a number of ways. The stage quality is set to low. Interactivity is set to false on the viewport. The texture has been optimized so that it is not as large a file as before.

Furthermore, the Papervision3D part has now been upgraded to version 2.1 as in this version the whole org.papervision3d.core.animation.* package has been revamped completely to allow for the changes in the DAE class. The main change as it affects this project is that dae animation is no longer frames based but time based. This means that whereas before I might go to frame 6, now given a dae framerate of 30 frames per second I would simply go to time 6/30 or 0.2.

More information about PV3D 2.1 can be found in the blog posting by Tim Knip here


3 comments so far

  1. Sam on

    Hey Javad,
    Are you thinking to put the source out. I am sure you would find lots of people (including me) who would love to extend this and use it into their AR snippets.
    Great work! I really enjoyed your video.

  2. David on

    Hello Javad,
    I’m working on a project and we want real time voice recognition form Flex. Any chance you might be able to help?

    • javadz on

      Hi David,

      This is something of a holy grail at the moment. One big stumbling block is training the voice recognition so that it is generic, as it in will recognise me and recognise a woman or a child or someone with a strong accent.

      What are you trying to achieve?



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